TOSH Creative Start Up Programme: Meet Graduate Mila G

"The Start-Up Programme has helped me gain confidence and feel that it's possible." Inspiring words from Bournemouth based Illustrator & Designer, and thriving Start Up grad, Mila G

"Creating bright and bold graphics that evoke feelings of bliss, grit, thrill, joy, and the things that words sometimes fall short for."

More inspiring words from our flourishing Start Up Graduates! Meet Bournemouth based Illustrator and Designer, Mila G, of NUAH.

Who are you and what is your brand?

Hello! I am Mila G- the illustrator and designer behind NUAH. I create bright and bold graphics inspired by the sea, music, and the outdoors. Bringing my forever dream to life, you can now find my designs made into T-shirts, Prints and Mugs that strive to brighten and power up the journey!

Why did you do the Start Up Programme?

I reached the point where I had to give my forever dream a proper go, so after saving up I left my job and fully committed myself to it. The Start-Up Programme sounded exactly like the support group I needed for my journey!

What did you gain? 

I benefitted massively from the guidance and structure of the course. I also received huge amounts of support both from the course leader, Sara, and my amazing peers- the power of the group is real!

Do you feel your business has changed since graduating from our Start-Up Programme?

Without a doubt, not only it has equipped me with a ready-to-go toolbox, but it's also been such an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many incredible creatives that were already doing it or setting their businesses up. The Start-Up Programme has helped me gain confidence and feel that it's possible. Before my business was "just" an idea, now it's real!

What do you like about having a business based in Bournemouth?

I absolutely love having my business based here, I draw inspiration from the sea, music and the outdoors, and Bournemouth has it all! Being by the sea is truly a key ingredient for my happiness, I just can't be away from it for too long. Having the New Forest, the Purbecks, and Hengistbury head in our backyard makes it very easy to have impromptu nature scapes. There is also plenty of live music and cultural events going on. And what makes it even better is the awesome community of like-minded people. Grateful everyday to call Bournemouth home!

To whom would you recommend the programme?

Anyone who wants to start a creative business of any sort! Seriously go for it! 

To find out more about our Creative Start Up Programme, and to apply, click here!

Applications for Spring close 25th March 2024.

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