Celebrating Dorset Growth Hub Grant Winners: Jane Cooper

Collaborating with Dorset Growth Hub, TOSH has been able to help almost 20 creatives (and counting!) secure grants at a minimum value of £1000 - artist Jane Cooper shares what the funding has meant for her.

Our fave thing at TOSH is when we can help creatives get a boost in their career, whether that’s through our supportive community, mentoring and guidance, or some funds for their biz. This year, collaborating with Dorset Growth Hub, we’ve been able to help almost 20 creatives (and counting!) secure grants at a minimum value of £1000.

In January, Dorset Growth Hub business consultants Shelley Collins-Trevett and Julian Wright joined us at TOSH for 2 days of fully booked talks and 1-1s, presenting their grant offerings and assisting attendees in person with their applications and ideas. Soon after, we were celebrating the news that nearly 20 of those from our creative community had secured funding via Dorset Growth Hub’s New Business, New Product and Female New Business grants.

This week, artist Jane Cooper shares what the grant has meant for her creative biz...

“I am a Poole based artist currently exploring engraving both in metal and in wood for printmaking. I applied for the product grant from Dorset Growth Hub because engraving equipment was so expensive.

For a number of years I’ve been saving up for the correct tools to become a metal engraver - to learn traditional techniques in metal engraving, and then make it my own. 

I realised I had shockingly spent thousands on the equipment – but was still missing a couple of key components. I used the grant from DGH to get a satellite stand, this holds my vice under the microscope. I also managed to get an attachment for my vice to hold rings, so now I’m all set up to bring engraving into my jewellery.

It will take a while to get good at it as many train for years, but within days of setting it up I was already engraving rings for orders (this is the first ring I have engraved for an order!). Once I’ve said yes to an order there really is no turning back! I’m excited to find my own style and flow, I can take my time to develop my skills and offering, and it is such a relief to feel all set up and ready to go. Nothing stopping me now!”

If you'd like to find out more about Jane Cooper and her work, then give her a follow here - and if you're a creative business or freelancer, you can book a free, in person 1-1 'ask anything' consultation at TOSH with Dorset Growth Hub in June or July here!