Introducing TOSH Start Up: Emily Coleman of Studio Zipcode

With a major slow-fashion passion, Emily’s motivation is to create earth-kind, colourful garments that make people feel confident in their own skin.

Tell us a bit about your brand!
Studio Zipcode is an independent slow fashion brand focusing on bright colours, bold prints, and the celebration of the incredible creatures that live on our planet. At Zipcode we pride ourselves on our in-house manufacture and low-waste production. 95% of all waste is re-used to create facemasks, hairbands, scrunchies and other accessories. Almost all fabrics used are 100% organic and are printed/dyed using eco-friendly pigment inks. All others are deadstock fabrics that would have been otherwise thrown away. Our slow fashion philosophy allows us to create pieces that are high quality and can be mixed and matched to create a season-less wardrobe. By buying less and wearing more not only is the cost per wear reduced but also the environmental impact is far lesser.

Why do you love it?
I love designing and creating clothing that makes people feel confident in their own skin. Fashion for me has always been a form of self-expression and I think that Studio Zipcode is a really good insight into whats going on inside my head! Nature and the environment have always been a top priority to me and I think that creating the online and in-person communities that Zipcode has allowed me to do has been a really surreal experience.

Why did you apply for the TOSH x Plan Make Do Start Up Programme?
I applied for the program as both an opportunity to grow my business but also to meet other creative individuals! As a creative it is often very overwhelming and isolating but talking to others in the same position it is super reassuring and really takes a weight off my shoulders! Coming from a design background with little to no business experience it was super important to me that I educated myself in order to make informed business decisions in the future.

How is it going so far?
I've loved the program so far - I've connected with some incredible small business owners and I am even stocking some of their work in my shop! I've learned so much about my audience and really delved deeper into the financial side of the business. I also recently collaborated with Katie Brookes Illustration (also on the programme!) on a wonderful pair of body-positive dungarees. Sewing lessons are something that I've started hosting due to the inspiration I've found as part of the programme.

What do you hope to achieve with your creative business in the next year?
I'd love to continue frequently collaborating with other small businesses. I also intend to continue to grow my brand to the point where I will have a fully-fledged business with a job waiting for me when I graduate from university. I'd also love to continue hosting zoom sewing classes and intergrate these with some in-person teaching!

How can people find out more about your brand and/or get involved?
The best place to keep up with/contact us is on Instagram @studiozipcode! You can also check out our website

Interested in finding out more about our Start Up Programme collab with Plan Make Do? Read all about it here, or drop us an email at!