TOSH Creative Start Up Programme: Meet Graduate Vanessa Cooke

"I've been freelance for 9 years and still found it amazingly helpful and relevant. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.‍‍" Hear from experienced Graphic Designer and Start Up grad, Vanessa Cooke.

Hear from budding creative business coach and experienced freelance Graphic Designer, Vanessa Cooke, and her journey with the Start Up Programme.

Who are you and what is your brand?

I'm Vanessa, a freelance graphic designer. I work on campaigns that require everything from branding, logo design, and video storyboards to websites, social media, and liveries. My work mostly involves headline generation, full campaign ideas and finding the imagery to tie it all together. I also work on my own hand lettering and illustration, as well as creating cheeky greetings cards and products that support mental health.

Why did you do the Start Up Programme?

I had been feeling pretty stuck and overwhelmed. I wanted to look at my business with fresh eyes and join a community of like minded people.

What did you gain? 

I came out with a fresh perspective, plenty of tools and strategies to grow my business and a renewed spark of energy to give it my all. I didn't want the course to end!

Do you feel your business has changed since graduating from our Start Up Programme?

Absolutely, I feel clearer about where I’m going with my business and all the things I need to do, and in what order. I have so many ideas for social media too. I’ve felt so inspired after doing the course, I knew I wanted to move in to coaching but also love helping people with their business, and so ‘Creative Business Mastery’ was born, to help creatives overcome imposter syndrome.

What do you like about having a business based in Bournemouth?

I love the creative energy in Bournemouth, it has the biggest creative and digital sector outside of London. And of course, I love living near the beach.

To whom would you recommend the programme?

EVERYONE- It's so good! It can be for anyone, from new to experienced- I've been freelance for 9 years and still found it amazingly helpful and relevant. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective.

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Applications for Spring close 25th March 2024.

Vanessa has just launched the Creative Business Mastery programme- a course for budding creative businesses and freelancers. Incorporating help and support through private online groups, monthly training with bitesize tips and strategies, and monthly Q&A’s with Vanessa, you can join as a founding member for only £12 a month!

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