Introducing TOSH Team: Corrianna Clarke

Inspired to create by conversations in our community, and living the dog mum life, meet TOSH team member Corrianna

Who are you?!

I’m Corrianna ‘Cora’ Clarke, freelance Animator / Illustrator / Emerging Director, and I’m the Marketing and Development Coordinator at TOSH! I work on our events programme, look after our Coworkers and Start Ups, keep an eye on our social media - and of course make sure that our TOSH mascot, Meli, doesn’t eat everything in sight. I also run our monthly Life Drawing sessions at TOSH.

What are you working on right now?

I’m getting busy working on feeling suuuper festive, and excitedly chatting to local makers about the creative Christmas workshops that they might run at TOSH. I LOVE this time of year! I’m also heading into the second year of my Master’s degree in Illustration at AUB, so I’m trying to be a good student between being part time at TOSH, and being freelance. It’s been a fab year for my animated short, ‘Boscombe Bound’ (did you catch it at BEAF Festival?), and I’m planning what documentary piece I’d like to get working on next.

What do you love most about working at TOSH?

At TOSH I’m always learning - I get to feel extra connected to our local creative community down here, and I have the chance to support and grow with emerging artists too. Working with our Start Ups especially is super fun, they have great energy. I’m also really interested in collaboration through my own practice, and it’s the perfect job for meeting project partners and pals. To summarise: it’s really rewarding, and everyone’s lovely!

Keep up with us at TOSH here, and find out more about Corrianna here!

(Beach parasol photograph by Emma Rowland)