Introducing TOSH Coworker: Dani Ford-Horne, The Soulty Surfer

Ice cream and mountain biking - find out more about TOSH's resident Vinyasa teacher.

We asked Dani Ford-Horne, aka The Soulty Surfer, 6 quick questions about teaching Vinyasa yoga! Here's what she told us...

Lovely Dani! You've been teaching at TOSH for a few years now, and your commitment to teaching yoga has only grown through lockdown, which is really exciting. Thinking back, how did you first discover that you wanted to teach?

I had a devoted meditation practice for 6 years before I found yoga. After a year of dedicated yoga practice, I decided I wanted to explore it more and spent 3 months doing yoga teacher training in India. I always knew that I wanted to share wellness in some form, so I now combine my love of yoga and meditation into what I share!

What's your fave asana?

Shavasana – it’s the nearest pose to meditation and is so easily overlooked. After you practice, for a teacher to hold a space for you where you can fully rest and relax does wonders for the body.

What do you think you've learnt about yourself - or others - through teaching?

That everyone’s bodies and minds are so different. What is hard for one person, due to a mental or physical barrier is super easy for another. Yoga is such a personal practice, it’s about turning in, understanding your own limitations and where you excel, and not judging any of it, just coming back to the moment through the breath and relaxation.

We're really lucky that we've got you just around the corner here in Boscombe! What was it that made you come to TOSH?

TOSH is a beautiful space with a great atmosphere. Teaching yoga classes here makes it easier for students to feel calm and at peace. A key component for any yoga class.

When you're not teaching, what do you do to take care of yourself?

I love to surf, practice yoga, mountain bike, and be in nature. Having time to recharge, be with friends or alone doing these activities makes me feel wonderfully alive. I then have so much more to give back to my students.

Aaaand - do you have a guilty pleasure for when you want to treat yourself?!

Chocolate, ice cream and Made in Chelsea (Eeeeek, I said it!)

You can catch Dani at TOSH for Vinyasa flow on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at 6pm-7pm every week. More class details on our Events page, and check out The Soulty Surfer to find out more about Dani's journey and workshops.